5 Years Pro-Rata Warranty

All of 5 years pro-rata warranty terms and conditions will be based on this website.


1.Congratulation on your purchase of RAMBOO PET’s products ! RAMBOO PET being the  supplier of Pet Tech products, would like to welcome you as our satisfied customer as well as the user of products. For the purpose to understand and have detailed knowledge as to the warranty provided for RAMBOO PET, do take a moment to read and understand the warranty terms and conditions stated and contained below for a hassle-free usage experience of RAMBOO PET.

(b)Warranty Terms

Warranty Arrangement:

2.All RAMBOO PET Products are manufactured on state of the art machinery. The manufacturer has taken great care to ensure the raw materials used for the manufacturing of products are of the high standard of purity and in its best endeavors to maintain the high industrial standard. In spite of such care and diligence, Products may in low possibility and/ or extra ordinary and/ or race incident to suffer minor defect(s) and it would subject to warranty claims.

3.The warranty claims provided for RAMBOO PET products would be classified and fallen into two types of claim, i.e. (i) manufacturing defect; and (ii) manufacturing issue. RAMBOO PET would like to assure our valued customers that we would honor and provide warranty claim for the products purchased from us, subject to the warranty terms and conditions below, for the said fault which is directly due to/ caused by manufacturing defect. Manufacturing defect shall mean faulty material used during the manufacturing process or due to poor workmanship. The investigation outcome and notification announced by RAMBOO PET(“Final Outcome”)in relation to the defect(s)/ fault of products purchased shall be constituted as final and conclusive in nature.

Warranty Period:

4.RAMBOO PET would carry the warranty with the validity period as stated herein. The warranty coverage may vary in accordance with the specification of the products. The warranty period for RAMBOO PET shall be 60 months on pro rata basis, whichever the earlier and subject to the terms and condition below, as follows:

FOC : Free of Charge. Customer does not have to pay additional services.
Suitable Products: Butler 3L, RO 2S Wireless, QBOO 3MP

The date of purchase(Receipt) is used to calculate the trade in discount rate, And use the current sales price as the claim price for trade in discount.

Note: * The warranty period shall be commenced from the date of invoice. Warranty claim will be on 1 to 1 replacement basis (same model and same brand) and subject to the Final Outcome, if any/ necessary. The replaced products will carry the warranty as follow:-

(a) Claim made within the 1st till 12th months warranty period (free of charge replacement) shall carry the balance warranty period as if the returned products. Eg: claim has been made on second months after purchase where the products purchased has been returned for replacement, the replaced products will carry 58 months warranty period, i.e. the balance warranty period of the battery returned; or

(b) Claim made excess or after 12th months warranty period [with the payment (subject to the discount given) made for the replacement] shall carry the full duration of warranty period, i.e. 60 months as if a new products purchased, provided the same registration requirements are met for the replaced products.

During the warranty period, if one of the following situations occurs, it must be repaired as a fee:

    •The warranty card and valid shopping receipt cannot be provided.

    •Failure and damage caused by misuse and non-professional repair.

    •Failures and damages caused by transportation, moving and dropping after purchase.

    •Failure and damage caused by other unavoidable external factors.

    •Failure and damage caused by water or other solutions in the equipment caused by improper use.

    •Failure and damage caused by the use of non-equipment working power.

5. Product accessories and consumables are not covered by the warranty.

Standard Procedure of Making Warranty Claim:-

6. Free original replacement application process:

    •The product does not need to bear any cost during the first 12 months of warranty, and after 12 months of warranty service, the return shipping fee will be charged.

    •Provide warranty information, original proof of purchase or receipt that can check the purchase record.

    •Through the online customer service system Email, Messenger, Whatsapp, Shopee chat, provide the defective products you purchased complete and clear video photos, as well as purchase channels, names, phone numbers and other information.

    •Special personnel will handle the cases in sequence according to the time of receipt, please wait patiently.

7. As a registered customer under the warranty period, should you make a warranty claim, it will be hassle free. Pursuant to the Online Registration, your details as well as the record/ proof of purchase will be stored in our database securely and will be safely retrieved at the time of making a warranty claim.

8. Lack of documentation proof and/ or inaccurate and/ or suspicious information/ claim provided by you would void the warranty.

Contract Infor mation & Reservation:

9. Should you have query and/ or request for further information/ clarification about
and/ or our product warranty policy, please feel free to contact us at:-

No. 2475 Jalan Kulim, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

Tel & WhatsApp: +601157558483
Email: service@ramboopet.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RAMBOOPET/

10. RAMBOO PET hereby reserve all rights, including but not limited to modify, amend, insert and/ or alter the terms and condition as well as the policy of our product warranty without prior notice given.

Thank you and welcome to the family of RAMBOO.

所有 5 年按比例保家條款和條件將基於本網站。


1.恭喜您購買RAMBOO PET的產品! RAMBOO PET 是 Pet Tech 產品的供應商,歡迎您成為我們的客戶和產品的用戶。 為了了解和詳細了解 RAMBOO PET 提供的保家,請花點時間閱讀和理解下文所述和包含的保家條款和條件,以獲得 RAMBOO PET 的無憂使用體驗。



2.所有 RAMBOO PET 產品均採用最先進的機械製造。 製造商非常注意確保用於製造產品的原材料具有高純度標準,並儘最大努力保持高工業標準。 儘管有這樣的謹慎和努力,產品可能會出現輕微缺陷的可能性很小和/或非常普通和/或種族事件,並且會受到保家索賠。

3. RAMBOO PET 產品提供的保家索賠將分為兩類索賠,即 (i) 製造缺陷; (ii) 製造問題。 RAMBOO PET 向我們尊貴的客戶保證,對於從我們這裡購買的產品,我們將根據以下保家條款和條件,為直接因製造缺陷直接導致的上述故障提供保家索賠。 製造缺陷是指在製造過程中或由於工藝不佳而使用的材料有缺陷。 RAMBOO PET 就所購產品的缺陷/故障公佈的調查結果和通知(“最終結果”)應構成最終和決定性的。


4.RAMBOO PET 將按照此處規定的有效期進行保家。 保家範圍可能因產品規格而異。 RAMBOO PET 的保家期按比例為 60 個月,以較早者為準,並受以下條款和條件約束,具體如下:

FOC:免費。 客戶無需支付額外服務費用。

適合產品:Butler 3L、RO 2S Wireless、QBOO 3MP


注:* 保家期從發票日期開始計算。 保家索賠將以 1 對 1 更換為基礎(相同型號和相同品牌),並以最終結果為準(如有/必要)。 更換後的產品將提供如下保家服務:-

(a) 在第 1 至第 12 個月保家期內提出的索賠(免費更換)應與退回產品一樣享受餘額保家期。 例如:購買後第二個月提出索賠,且所購產品已退換貨,更換後的產品保家期為58個月,即退回電池的餘量保家期; 要么

(b) 超出保家期或在第 12 個月保家期之後提出的索賠 【為更換支付的款項(按比例提供折扣)】應包含完整的保家期,即 60 個月,就像購買新產品一樣,前提是相同被更換的產品符合註冊要求。













     •通過在線客服系統Email、Messenger、Whatsapp、Shopee chat,提供您購買的不良品完整清晰的視頻照片,以及購買渠道、姓名、電話號碼等信息。


7. 作為保家期內的註冊客戶,如果您提出保家索賠,將無任何麻煩。 根據在線註冊,您的詳細信息以及購買記錄/證明將安全地存儲在我們的數據庫中,並在提出保家索賠時安全地檢索。

8. 缺少文件證明和/或您提供的不准確和/或可疑的信息/索賠將使保家失效。


9. 如果您有疑問和/或要求提供更多信息/澄清


No. 2475 Jalan Kulim, 14000 Butkit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang




10. RAMBOO PET 特此保留所有權利,包括但不限於修改、修改、插入和/或更改條款和條件以及我們的產品保家政策,恕不另行通知。

謝謝,歡迎來到 RAMBOO 大家庭。

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