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The practical application of freeze-drying can be traced back to the Inca people of Peru in South America, who used it to store potatoes and other crops. The cold temperatures on the mountain of Machu Picchu would freeze the crops, while the low air pressure at high altitudes would cause the moisture in the food to evaporate gradually. This practice by the Inca people resembles a primitive form of freeze-drying technology. Currently, this technique is often used for preserving pharmaceuticals, valuable herbs, and ingredients. Even NASA utilizes freeze-drying technology to produce food for astronauts in space.

In fact, freeze-drying combines the techniques of “freezing,” “vacuum,” and “drying.” The principle involves freezing the substance first and then creating a vacuum. At this point, the moisture present in the substance will directly sublimate from solid ice to a gaseous state and be expelled. This physical process effectively removes a large amount of moisture from the food, reducing the moisture content to below 5%. This prevents the conditions for microbial growth and meets the hygiene and safety standards for shelf-stable food without the need for preservatives. Therefore, freeze-drying is a technology that makes it easier for food to be stored at room temperature for an extended period. Refrigeration or freezing, on the other hand, can lead to moisture absorption and a shortened shelf life.

Thus, What Set These Apart?

While both main meal freeze-dried and treats freeze-dried are categorized as freeze-dried, these two types of freeze-dried have distinct purposes and offer unique benefits to pets.

Main Meal
Contain a variety of ingredients to provide balanced nutrition
Simple ingredient profile focused on flavour and aroma
Provide comprehensive nutrition for overall health includes proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals
Focusing more on specific tastes or reward value
Serves as a primary diet source for pets
Given as occasional rewards during training or as a special treat

Savour the Difference


Healthy Production Process

1. Inspection of Incoming Meat Sources
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This step ensures that the meat is of top-notch quality and free from impurities. Any meat that does not meet the stringent criteria is promptly rejected to maintain the integrity of the final product.
2. Formulation of Ingredients
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Once the meat passes the inspection, a precise formulation of ingredients takes place. This step involves the addition of various elements to enhance flavor, texture, and nutritional content while adhering to strict quality standards.
3. Cutting and Shaping into Granules
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The meat is then skillfully cut and shaped into granules, ensuring uniformity in size. Additionally, measures are taken to ensure that the granules remain free from any dust or foreign particles.
4. Rapid Freezing at -36°C to -40°C
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To preserve freshness and prevent the formation of large ice crystals that could compromise the texture, the meat granules undergo rapid freezing which takes place at temperatures between -36°C to -40°C.
5. Vacuum Freezing for 21 to 45 Hours
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This step ensures that any remaining moisture is removed, minimizing the risk of freezer burn and maintaining the overall quality of the product. The granules remain in the vacuum freezer for a period ranging from 21 to 45 hours.
6. Packaging
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Once the granules are perfectly frozen and moisture-free, they are carefully packaged. Packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the quality and preventing any potential contamination during transportation and storage.
7. Irradiation Sterilization
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To ensure the elimination of harmful pathogens and bacteria, the packaged meat granules undergo irradiation sterilization. This step not only enhances the safety of the product but also extends its shelf life.
8. Pasteurization
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Pasteurization is employed to further enhance the safety of the frozen meat granules. This heat treatment process effectively destroys any remaining harmful microorganisms without compromising the granules' texture or taste.
9. Batch Product Inspection
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Before the frozen meat granules are deemed ready for distribution, a comprehensive batch product inspection takes place. This involves quality control experts meticulously evaluating samples from each batch to confirm that they meet all predetermined specifications.
10. Arranging for Sales
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With quality and safety assured, the frozen meat granules are now ready for the market. The product is made available to consumers, ensuring that the careful craftsmanship and rigorous processes culminate in a satisfying culinary experience.

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