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Improved Skin Shinier Coat
Support Vision Health
Enhance immune system
Strong Bone & Teeth

Egg Yolk Cube Freeze Dried

An Ultimate Supplement-Grade Treats!

• 100% Human Grade Egg Yolk
• Rich in Lecithin & Essential Vitamins
• Promote Skin and Coat Health & Enhance Neurological Function
• Support Vision Health & Provide Antioxidant Protection

100g (3.53oz)


100% Human Grade Egg Yolk

Nutritional Analysis

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (Min) 25%
Crude Fat (Min) 50%
Crude Fiber (Max) 3%
Crude Ash  (Max) 6%
Moisture (Max) 6%

Feeding Guides


Feeds directly as training or snacks.


Soak in water to enhance hydration.


Mix with supplements or kibble.

5 Times Denser

100g of Egg Yolk = 500g of Fresh Egg Yolk, Egg Yolk Freeze Dried Treats

Beware of

Freeze Dried

Have you ever stumbled upon those transparent buckets of freeze-dried pet food online, boasting over multiple types of meat, yet priced at just RM30+ for 500g? While these deals might seem incredibly budget-friendly, they hide a concerning truth...

So what can be considered as good freeze-dried food?


The nutritious raw goodness in these bags makes our freeze-dried highly palatable and easier to digest.


Freeze Dried Process-STEP 1

Raw ingredients frozen


Freeze Dried Process-STEP 2

Moisture is drawn out gently


Freeze Dried Process-STEP 3

Packaged up for freshness


Freeze Dried Process-STEP 4

Irradiation Sterilization

Double Sterilization

The comprehensive methods ensuring the complete elimination of microorganisms.

Irradiation Sterilization

Killing 99.99% harmful bacteria using radiation. While, Hygiene Standards Exceeding General Human Food Standards.



Significantly reduces bacterial load and retain a high level of nutrient availability.


Ocean Feast Microbiological Test