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Improved Skin
Shinier Coat
Support Kidney Function
Heart Health
Enhance Joint

Salmon Cube Freeze Dried

An Ultimate Supplement-Grade Treats!

• 100% Human Grade Alaskan Premium Salmon
• Rich in Omega-3 & Essential Vitamins
• Promote Skin and Coat Health & Stimulate Brain Development
• Maintain Bone Health & Heart Health & Protect the Immune System

100g (3.53oz)


100% Human Grade Premium Alaskan Salmon

Nutritional Analysis

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (Min) 40%
Crude Fat (Min) 4%
Crude Fiber (Max) 10%
Crude Ash  (Max) 15%
Moisture (Max) 6%

Feeding Guides


Feeds directly as training or snacks.


Soak in water to enhance hydration.


Mix with supplements or kibble.

5 Times Denser

100g of Salmon = 500g of Fresh Salmon

Beware of

Freeze Dried

Have you ever stumbled upon those transparent buckets of freeze-dried pet food online, boasting over multiple types of meat, yet priced at just RM30+ for 500g? While these deals might seem incredibly budget-friendly, they hide a concerning truth...

So what can be considered as good freeze-dried food?


The nutritious raw goodness in these bags makes our freeze-dried highly palatable and easier to digest.


Freeze Dried Process-STEP 1

Raw ingredients frozen


Freeze Dried Process-STEP 2

Moisture is drawn out gently


Freeze Dried Process-STEP 3

Packaged up for freshness


Freeze Dried Process-STEP 4

Irradiation Sterilization

Double Sterilization

The comprehensive methods ensuring the complete elimination of microorganisms.

Irradiation Sterilization

Killing 99.99% harmful bacteria using radiation. While, Hygiene Standards Exceeding General Human Food Standards.



Significantly reduces bacterial load and retain a high level of nutrient availability.


Ocean Feast Microbiological Test

Certifications Obtained



Yes, our freeze-dried is suitable for both dogs and cats.

Freeze-dried food is unsuitable for cats/dogs under three months of age. For cats/dogs aged between 3 and 9 months, tear the food into smaller pieces or soften the freeze-dried pieces before feeding to facilitate adaptation to larger portions.

Our freeze-dried treats are a unique complementary food for your dog/cat. We combine naturally sourced ingredients and freeze the mixture to lock in nutrients. We then remove the moisture without the use of heat. This results in deliciously nutrient-dense, raw treats that are perfect for training!

Well, this little pack size is like a freshness ninja, keeping everything just right and tasty! It means you don’t end up with too much of it open at once, messing with the prime munching moment~

Yes, for every purchase of our freeze-dried products, we include a small trial sample for your pet to try first. If your pet doesn’t like it, you can return the unopened product to us. We will deduct the trial pack cost (RM8) and refund the remaining amount to you. *T&C apply

An unopened package can be good for 18 months and after opening it – 1 month. It is best to store it in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

RAMBOO PET Freeze-Dried foods are made by China’s freeze-dried manufacturing foundry, which ranks first in Asia in terms of output and is produced for major brands including Europe and the United States. Our freeze-dried foods adopt aerospace freeze-drying technology from the Tokyo Research Center in Japan and are overseen by over 10 Research & Innovation specialists to create the finest foods for pets. It has the world’s most stringent certifications such as ISO9001, BRC, FDA, FSSC22000, and HACCP. When you choose RAMBOO PET Freeze-Dried, you can be confident your dog’s and cat’s food has been prepared with care and attention.


Our freeze-dried treats are extremely nutrient-dense, and 100% raw. This makes them extremely delicious, and the perfect high-value reward, making training so much easier!

Yes. In the past, people often thought older dogs should eat less protein, but recent studies have shown this isn’t true. As dogs get older, they benefit from eating more protein to stay healthy.

For older dogs, it’s important to balance protein and carbohydrates in their diet. When there’s more protein, there are fewer carbohydrates, which means high-protein diets don’t have a lot of carbs. This is good for older dogs because they don’t need a lot of carbs, which are basically sugars.

Absolutely! Pets with diabetes need to be mindful of carbohydrate content and additives in their food. Foods high in carbs, like some dry pet foods loaded with starch (that’s carbs, you know), aren’t great for keeping your furry friend’s diabetes in check. In contrast, freeze-dried foods are almost like a zero-carb superhero. They’re packed with high-quality proteins and other nutrients instead, making them a super choice for pets with diabetes. So, it’s a big yes from the freeze-dried world!

High-quality animal proteins, fats, and natural fatty acids in our freeze-dried provide the best conditions for healthy skin and fur.


We’ve selected the most essential elements to ensure optimal health for cats and dogs. Our approach combines premium raw materials with formulations that respect the natural and anatomical needs of pets. Made by modern scientific research, these components contribute to a long and healthy life for your furry friends. Plus, they taste good!

Both freeze-dried and traditional pet foods are excellent choices for maintaining your dog’s health. However, freeze-dried pet food is much more convenient.

  • No need for defrosting;
  • Doesn’t take up freezer space;
  • Travel-friendly;
  • No risks of harmful bacteria

Fresh meat is highly beneficial due to its high biological value, meaning that its freshness allows animals to utilize more nutrients effectively. Besides its nutritional advantages, it also provides a higher palatability.

Between 90-100% depending on the product.

Our freeze-dried food is different from regular raw meat you find in stores. It’s specially made to be safe and nutritious for dogs and cats, following AAFCO guidelines. Making balanced raw diets at home can be tough, but Ramboo Pet’s main diet freeze-dried recipes make it easy by providing all the nutrients your pet needs. We use special methods like Irradiation Sterilization and Pasteurization to kill harmful bacteria, making our food safe for both pets and their owners. Plus, we test every batch for safety before it’s sent out.

Yes, our freeze-dried are hypoallergenic, which means they do not contain ingredients most likely to cause food intolerances in dogs. These include soy, dairy, egg, wheat, and artificial additives.

If you know a certain ingredient triggers your dog’s allergy, let us know at [email protected] and we can help.


We all love to give our pets treats. However, treats should be given in moderation and should represent 10% or less of your pet’s daily food intake. The rest should come from a nutritionally complete feeding program.

Mixing our freeze-dried with processed food is safe and can be fed long-term. But we always recommend switching to a RAW diet completely to experience maximum health benefits.

Because our freeze-dried is full of goodness! The major benefit of feeding your raw pet food is that it preserves nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes – many of which are lost or destroyed when cooked. In comparison, kibble is highly processed and heated many times, and in return, this process makes kibble less nutritious.

Soaking the freeze-dried isn’t mandatory, however some pets (especially small breeds) might find it easier to eat if it has been softened slightly before feeding.
If you’d like to soak your pet’s food first, we recommend pouring room temperature water to just cover the food in your pet’s bowl and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. When it has softened, it’s then ready to be fed to your pet.

There may be! This will be most noticeable for the first couple weeks, while your pet’s gut microbiome is adjusting to the new foods. Many pet parents find that their pets poop less frequently and in smaller quantities on a raw food diet due to its bioavailable and nutrient dense nature.

This is a myth! Your pet might get more energetic because they are eating food that’s really good for them and right for their species. But, they probably won’t get more aggressive, they might even become calmer. This is because the good bacteria in their stomach, which is linked to their brain, affect them. Just like bad bacteria can, but in a good way, through different hormones. When their body is healthy, they are usually happier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews



My cat love the freeze dried so much😻 a healthy food for my cat 👍🏻



CK Foong

两只猫咪第一次吃三文鱼冻干,吃了几颗还不过瘾 味道很香

Alina Azman

Baunya sedap gila, makanan kucing pon premium skrg

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