Refund Policy

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with your purchase and wish to return an item, Ramboo Pet accepts 1-1 exchanges/repairs for faults or we offers a full refund within 14 days from receiving your parcel. Kindly noted that purchased item must be returned in original condition, including packaging.

Refund Policy Detail

  • To be eligible for this program, these steps must be taken:
  1. On the day that your order is received, take a picture of the products inside the package, and email our customer service at with subject “14 Days Money Back Guarantee” and personal details. Name: 、Order No: 、Phone:
  2. Make sure the all of product and item is clean and it has not been exposed to any hygiene concerns.
  3. Make sure that the product and the outer box are not damaged in any way, and will not affect the second sale.
  4. Send us advising of your intent to return.
  5. Pictures must be provided as proof.


  • Any pictures that can justifies your advising of intent to return, just like:
  1. The product doesn’t work well due to a quality problem.
  2. The shipment is visibly damaged upon receipt.

*Date and time stamp must be included in all pictures provided

  1. If your application does not meet our return criteria, our customer service has the rights to reject your request. Incomplete or illegible claims will not be refunded.
  2. Once approved, we will refund you the net purchase price (at the time of order) in 1 week, once the product has been returned to our warehouse and we will conduct full record video unpacking inspection.
  3. Customer will be responsible for the delivery cost of the whole return process.
  4. After 14 days receiveving your parcel, we will not provide refunds and we only accept 1-1 exchanges/repairs for faults.

Refund process If all steps are followed, our customer service will initiate a refund transfer to the customer. The refund process will take around 2 weeks.

14 天退货退款保证

如果您对购买的商品不满意并希望退货,RAMBOO PET 接受 1-1 次换货/故障维修,或者我们在收到您的包裹后 14 天内提供全额退款。请注意,购买的商品必须以原始状态退回,包括包装。


  • 要符合此计划的资格,必须采取以下步骤:
  1. 在收到您的订单当天,拍下包装内的产品照片,然后将主题“14 天退款保证”和个人详细信息发送至service@ramboopet.com联系我们的客服。姓名: 、订单号: 、电话:
  2. 确保所有产品和物品都是干净的,并且没有出现任何卫生问题。
  3. 确保产品和外箱没有任何损坏,并且不影响二次销售。
  4. 向我们发送您打算退货的通知。
  5. 必须提供图片作为证明。


  • 任何可以证明您建议返回的意图的图片,就像:
  1. 由于质量问题,该产品无法正常使用。
  2. 货物在收到时明显损坏。


  1. 如果您的申请不符合我们的退货标准,我们的客服有权拒绝您的请求。不完整或难以辨认的索赔将不予退还。
  2. 当产品退回我们的仓库,我们会进行全程录影拆箱检查。确保无任何问题后,一旦获得批准,我们将1周内向您退还净购买价(在订购时)。
  3. 客户将负责整个退货过程的运送费用。
  4. 收到您的包裹14天后,我们将不提供退款,我们只接受1-1的故障换货/维修。

退款流程 如果遵循所有步骤,我们的客户服务将向客户发起退款转账。退款过程大约需要 2 周时间。

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