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RO 2S Wireless Smart Pet Water Fountain

7 Features of RO 2S!

Smart Mode
Sensor Mode
• Auto-Ultraviolet Sterilization
Multiple Filteration
Wireless Design
• Anti-Dry Burning System
• Indicator Light

1kg (35.27oz)

Original price was: RM500.00.Current price is: RM349.00.

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Intro Video
What's So Special
Wireless Design
3L Capacity
Dual Water Modes
5-Stage Filtration
Silent Mode
Setup & Clean
Play Video
Play Video

Wireless Design

5-Stage Filtration

Water Level Indicator

3L Capacity

Whisper Quiet

99.99% Sterilization

Wireless Design, Place it Anywhere

RAMBOO PET RO 2S Wireless Smart Pet Water Fountain

Li-Ion Battery

100 Days of Power
on One Charge

Battery life is calculated based on one cat household.

3L Capacity -travel light, hydrate right

3L/101.44oz capacity ensures your pet stays hydrated for 6-8 days, making short trips worry-free. Plus, the water tray consistently retains some water in case of a power failure.

Smart Water Level Sensor

The water pump automatically stops when water levels dip below a safe level, preventing the pump from overheating.

Filter Replace & Low Battery Indicator

Intelligent indicator instantly alerts you when filter need to be replaced or battery levels are low.

Ultraviolet Sterilization

Sterilize automatically for 15 minutes every 12 hours, and reaches a sterilization rate of up to 99.99% effectively killing E. coli.

Dual Water Modes

Smart Mode

Senses your pet is nearby to activate the flow of water for 30 seconds and enter smart sleep for 15 minutes. Water will be released for 30 seconds every 2 hours if the pet does not trigger the sensor to remind pets to drink and filter the water.

Sensor Mode

Senses your pet is nearby to activate the flow of water, preserving power.

Effortless to Clean & Dissemble

All accessories are detachable for easy cleaning of every corner.

Effortless to Clean & Dissemble

All accessories are detachable for easy cleaning of every corner.

5-Stage Deep Filtration

5-Stage Deep Filtration

Professional filtration materials intercepted and filtered harmful substances.

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-1 x Water Tank
-1 x Tray Assembly
-1 x Stainless Steel Tray
-1 x Main Unit
-1 x Malaysian Power Adapter
-1 x USB-C Cable
-1 x Cleaning Brush
-1 x Tweezer
-1 x  Water Filter
-3 x User Manual (EN, CN, MY)



RO 2S Wireless Smart Pet Water Fountain



ABS Antibacterial Plastic & SUS 304 Stainless Steel Plate





5V 2A


3 – 5 hours






Li-Ion Battery




280 x 160 x 123mm


1kg / 2.20lb


1.5m – 2m


Up to 100 days (Smart Mode)



Q: How often should I replace the filter?
A: Normally the filter should be changed 3-4 weeks, depending on the number of pets using the fountain. We recommend using the filter and replacing it regularly. Because the filter can not only purify and improve the taste of water but also filter the hair or food residues everyday to prevent these garbage blocking the pump’s water outlet.

Q: How often should I wash the fountain?
A: We suggest to change the water and wash it in every 7 days. Let the water clean to take care of pets’ health.

Q: How long does it take to charge? 
A: Initially, a 1-2 hour charge is sufficient to start using it, so there's no need for a lengthy charging period. For subsequent charges, it will take approximately 4-6 hours to fully charge when the battery is depleted.

Q: How long is the battery life?
A: The battery life can last up to 100 days, depending on the usage frequency of your pet.

Q: Is the fountain washable?
A: Yes, it is designed to be waterproof for life-grade.

Q: Is it easy to be cleaned?
A: Yes, it is simple to dissemble and very easy to clean.

Q: Why is the sensor does not work all the time?
A: Because it is in Smart Mode, it will sleep for 15 minutes after each induction, preventing pets from playing with water, and more lastingly stimulating pets to drink water.

Q: Does it work without the filter?
A: Yes, it does but we do not recommend removing the filter.

Q: Is the water very noisy? Is the pump also noisy?
A: Not at all. The machine is not noisy at all and the flow of water is very gentle so it does not make any splashing noise whatsoever.

Q: How long does the water last?
A: It depends on how much your pet drinks.

Q: Do I need to pour filtered water?
A: Yes, pouring in filtered water is best for pets.

Q: Can pet supplements be placed inside the RO 2S Wireless?
A: As long as they are water-soluble, it is not a problem to place them inside the RO 2S Wireless.

Q: Can it be used while charging?
A: You can use it while charging. However, it is generally recommended not to do so in order to extend the battery life.

Q: What if I don't like the unit? Can I return it and get a refund?
A: The RO 2S Wireless has a 14 day return policy. If for some reason you are unhappy with your water fountain within the first 14 days following purchase just contact us to begin the return process. You will be given instructions for shipping the water fountain back to us and once we receive the unit you will be refunded the cost less shipping. Shipping costs on all refunds are the responsibility of the pet parent.

Q: Is the RO 2S Wireless made in Malaysia?
A: RAMBOO PET was developed in Malaysia by a team with over 10 years of combined product development experience. For 2 years, we attempted to collaborate with manufacturers in Malaysia. However, we eventually realized that in order to maintain a reasonable price, we needed to explore other options. We partnered with a world-class PCR manufacturer that produces items for renowned brands in the small appliances industry worldwide. This collaboration enables us to deliver a product of the highest quality at an affordable price.

1. The filter should be replaced every 3-4 weeks.
2. The fountain should be cleaned every week.
3. The fountain has a rechargeable battery, please read the user manual carefully before use.
4. To extend the life of water pump, please add water before starting the machine.

1. West Malaysia: Free for orders above RM100, RM10 for orders below RM100. Normally orders will ship within 1-5 working days of processing payment.
2. East Malaysia: RM10 + RM5 per 0.5 kg over 1 kg for order(Maximun RM30 Shipping fee). Normally will ship within 5-14 working days of processing payment.
3. Click here to learn more about our shipping policy.
4. For any questions, please contact us via [email protected].

1. 1 + 4 Year Pro-Rata Warranty.

2. Claims made within the 1st till 12th months warranty period (free of charge replacement) shall carry the balance warranty period as if the returned products. 
3. Claims made in excess or after the 12th months’ warranty period [with the payment (subject to the discount given) made for the replacement] shall carry the full duration of the warranty period. i.e. 60 months as if a new product is purchased, provided the same registration requirements are met for the replaced products. 
4. After-sales service provided for product issues caused by non-artificial reason. 
5. Product accessories and consumables are not covered by the warranty. 
6. Click here to learn more about our warranty policy.
7. For any questions, please contact us via [email protected].

English Manual: Click Here
Malay Manual: Click Here
Chinese Manual: Click Here

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
RB Tan


Recommend to busy parents

The perfect solution for busy pet parents, love it

zhiling Valerie

Nice product with service

Battery charge last an extremely long time

I have had it for a couple of months and it has been great! Long lasting charge on battery is wonderful! Dogs have a fresh filtered drink and thats what they want


Terbaikkkkkk....hrni bru ambil n buka....puas hati yg ke4 jenis produk yg sy beli...yg lain smua dah arwah 🤣...hrp2 Ramboooo ni kekal lg lama lah...👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 seller pun terbaik....

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RO 2S Wireless Smart Pet Water Fountain
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